• Budget Tool

    Savings Projection

    To help you save for the important things in life.

    Debt Repayment

    To help you understand and
    manage your debt effectively.

    Annuity Bureau

    To help you understand what type of pension your retirement savings can purchase.

    Tax Calculator

    To help you understand the tax implications of withdrawing and retiring from your retirement fund.

  • Retirement Cover

    To help you understand whether your retirement savings are on track.

    Life Cover

    To help you understand how much life cover you should have.

The budget tool will allow you to get a handle on your finances by helping you to understand where your money goes every month. It’s easy to use, and does all the hard work for you by prompting you to think about all of your possible expenses. So, take the first step to financial security by using the tool to set, maintain and control your budget. Please Login or Register.
Whether it’s that overseas holiday, or your children’s education, the savings tool helps you to achieve the important things in life by mapping out how much you need to save and earn on your savings, in order to see those dreams become a reality. Don’t let your dreams pass you by. Start owning them by saving today. Please Login or Register.
Which of your debts is costing you the most, and which should you pay off first? Use the debt tool to understand the smartest way to pay off your debt. Please Login or Register.
Take your retirement planning to the next level by seeing how much your accumulated retirement savings will actually buy you as an income (or pension). The annuity bureau tool sources quotes for you from the market, and only shows you the best quotes for each type of pension. Use the tool today, and start understanding what your retirement savings are worth. Please Login or Register.
The tax calculator allows you to see how much tax you would pay if you were to leave or retire from the Fund. Depending upon what you decide to do with the money, the tax implications differ, and so the tool allows you to see the tax that would be paid in each scenario. Please Login or Register.
The tool allows you to take all of your retirement savings and figure out whether you are on track for a comfortable retirement. It allows you to see how much you have saved already, and what this will mean for you at retirement. It also allows you to see how much extra you need to save, depending upon your specific retirement goals. Please Login or Register.
How much life cover do you actually need? Trying to figure that out can be really difficult. The life cover tool calculates it for you, with just a few basic questions about your life circumstances. Please Login or Register.